7 May 2020
alumnos curso web Milma

Web design and development training, which has started this week, is being developed with an on-line methodology due to COVID-19 crisis.

Although MILMA’s training were not designed to be taught on an on-line basis, the need to adapt to this new scenario and the very nature of this particular training have encouraged us to kick off this 3rd round of MILMA trainings.

If you remember, the previous edition had to be finished on-line due to the unexpected closure of the face-to-face training. This situation gave as the chance to meditate, along with the associate company, AEIOROS, about the possibility of providing the whole training through an on-line basis.

This decision was made based on relevant criteria such as maintaining the quality of the training, the amount of hours and the conciliation with the company needs, among other things. At this point, it is important to remember that this training is facilitated by a company working in the web development sector, not by a training company, following the spirit of MILMA project. This means that the enterprise assigns a worker to this project and we all have to assess the perfect timing for everyone involved.

This way, 19 people have started the training this week, using a tool which allows us to conduct streaming courses and even to record them, in such a way as to ensure the availability of these contents to the people not able to follow the streaming. It is important not to forget the special situation in every home these days with children needing to use the sometimes only one computer at home. As a project meant to be innovative, we have to be flexible and comprehensive and facilitate the access to all the participants.

As for the training contents, practice and theory are constantly combined and developed into real projects. In this way, from the very first minute, each participant creates his or her own portfolio increasing their opportunities of employment while learning. Likewise,  the ETEIS (soft skills and employability), which is one of the pillars of the training together with theoretical content, will continue even in this on-line basis. 

In MILMA Project, we feel very excited about this new challenge and we really hope this initiative will help all the participants to find new job and growth opportunities even in the middle of these troubled times.