Training will be developed on seven different market niches called BC Labs. Through these BC Labs you will participate in an innovative training which will be co-managed by a network of companies. The seven BC Labs are:

  • Green Production
  • Urban creation and recycling BC-LAB
  • Internet of Things BC-LAB
  • Front-end web development BC-LAB
  • Digital production: Drones and robotics BC-LAB
  • Care for dependent persons BC-LAB
  • Catering BC-LAB


All of them will be developed throughout:

  • Technical and theoretical training by using «learning by doing».
  • No labour practices.
  • Business challenge execution: companies will raise different business challenge and the participants, through teamwork, will have to look for feasibility and execution. For this, the companies will supervise the work that is developed in this challenge.
  • Soft skills training: Development of personal skills, specific skills for the job and training in entrepreneurship.



During the months of January and February people who want inscribed in BC Labs , will have open the inscription former through the website.

Starting around 15TH February, the selection of participants will begin.

During the months of March and September, the theoretical and practical training will be developed, as well as the no labour practices in companies.



If you are interested in participating in the MILMA Project and training in some of our BC Labs, download the following form and get the pre-registration.

To find more information about BC Labs, contents, program, dates of registration and duration of the courses, please, select the BC Labs what you are interesting on.