MILMA proposes labour integration throughout collaborative work and entrepreneurship using an innovative methodology called BC Lab. This initiative looks for active participation from the enterprises so the training could match with the real demands of the market.

Our actions:

  • Employability. Enterprises will support all those people who are actively looking for work. They will use "learning by doing" methodology, and will generate different services and products demanded by the market.
  • Innovation. Experimental learning model based on the business challenges proposed by the collaborating companies.
  • Co-creation. Companies participate in different levels: creation of training content, providing training, no labour practices (NLP), seminars, workshops ...
  • Specialized training. This training matchs with the required skills of the profesional sector.
  • ETEIs. Experimantal Teams of Employment and Integration. Through a methodology inspired by Lanzaderas de Empleo, the most demanded competences will be worked.