Light Flooring Installation


General information:

The BC Lab of light flooring Installation will be held at the CIFE located in Avenida de las Provincias, 33 (Fuenlabrada). Throughout the life of the project, several training actions will be developed and in each of them up to 20 people.


Train for the installation of light flooring and coatings, PVC, linoleum laminates, carpets, wall covering, wood, etc.  

General content:

The theoretical and practical training to be taught in the classroom includes the following competences units:

  • Unit 1.  Installation of light flooring and coverings.
  • Unit 2. Installation of wooden floors. 
  • Unit 3. Occupational Risks Prevention.
  • Unit 4. Experimental Teams of Employment and Integration.
  • Unit 5. No labour practices.


Access profile

         - No official degree or examination in specific professional competence are required.

         - Fluent Spanish language skills.

         - Schedule availability.

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