29 January 2019
Sesión Informativa 15 Enero_1

Tuesday, January 15, 2019-. Participants selection process started today and will finish on 22nd February. Then, the working groups of Experimental Team of Employment and Integration will be established.  These groups will work on seven selected areas: Digital Production: drones, Front-End Web Development, Green Production, Catering, Care for dependent people, Recycling, and Installation of Devices IoT.

Each group will be integrated by twenty unemployed participants who will test an innovative training for employment. It includes not only a technical/practical training but also cros-training, development of social-labour skills. Moreover, they will join many activities which promote social inclusion.  

MILMA’s Companies Network has collaborated both on the definition of professional profiles as well on setting access requirements for each BC Lab. In general, the main criteria access are: motivation and availability. Additionally, the Network is collaborating on the definition of training content, in the development of training actions and in the proposal of a business challenge for each group.

In addition to social media dissemination, newspaper and mass media, we have established some MILMA’s briefings in CIFE. These briefings will celebrate during January and February so the potential participants could know more about MILMA’s training. Today we received around 200 people to the first briefing. The next briefings will be on 31fst January, and 5th, 13rd and 21fst February at 11 o’ clock in CIFE’s events hall.  

Furthermore, on 30th January, we will join “Anti-rumors Net” session, so we can disseminate information about the Project among different entities which work on this network.  Finally, on 12nd February we will participate on Table of Coexistence’s Assembly, which is integrated by city neighborhood and migrant associations.

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