7 May 2020

After the launch of the Design and Web Development BC Lab in its online version some weeks ago, the team decided to take some time to monitor the development of this first on-line Lab and study the possibility of launching new on-line labs.

Based on this experience, CIFE’s technical team has designed this Gardening Assistant Laboratory. A gardening professor has coordinated together with the team the technical aspects concerning the online tools and the digital methodology needed for the streaming courses, etc. It has been a challenge and a thorough teamwork!

Furthermore, in these tough times, and based on the previous survey taken before the Lab start (where we analyse the technological gap at every participant’s home), the technical team has decided to buy some laptops to provide the participants who have no access to IT equipment’s, so they can follow the training properly. We must not allow leaving behind the most vulnerable people in this process.

Before getting to the substance of the technical training, the professor developed a key task by helping participants individually in order to facilitate a minimal level of digital skills. This way, we made sure that the first day of the training was easier and dynamic.

We are very happy regarding the success in the call for participants, we have 19 people following the training!!! Everything is new for everybody and the first day was very exciting for all of us. Many participants were grateful because they could use this “pause-time” to acquire new knowledge and skills to find a job. For now, and until new events lead to a change in this Covid situation, the training will continue on an on-line basis. However, we expect to continue with the practical training in a real beautiful garden as soon as possible.

Besides, they soft skills training remains one of the strong points of the project and the on-line basis has not affected its duration. Once a week they will work on the essential skills to develop their professional careers in the gardening sector.

There are many opportunities that the online training generates compared to the on-site one. One of them is that people will develop their digital skills faster, especially those who were more reluctant to learn about ICTs before the crisis. In fact, one participant told us that she would have never imagined using an email account, but thanks to this challenge, she feels now much more confident and willing to learn more.