7 May 2020

Due to COVID-19 crisis, MILMA Project has developed a MOOC composed by 12 video related to soft skills. The proposal is becoming a support for unemployed people and job seekers interested in the improvement of their professional competences during this period.

Some of the contents are related to the role of emotions in job seeking, how to define our professional goal or how social media plays a key role for recruiters. All these things are fundamental in soft skills training, so this MOOC is an opportunity also for people who is interested in participating in MILMA but could not do it because of this global situation.

 Since the project intends to reach the highest possible number of people and avoid the current digital gap, this MOOC is hosted by YouTube as it is the easiest platform and does not require being user.

The different sessions will be published during the next weeks in MILMA social media, on Tuesday and Friday basis. In the same way, it will be sent weekly by mail to all potential participants and former participants of our data base. We think that this will improve the options to do the MOOC for people who doesn´t use social net.