Catering y restauración

General information:

The BC Lab of catering will be held at the CIFE located in Avenida de las Provincias, 33 (Fuenlabrada). Throughout the life of the project, several training actions will be developed and in each of them up to 20 people will participate in the morning.



Training the participants in the basic cooking operations.


General content:

The theoretical and practical training to be taught in the classroom includes the following competences units:

  • Unit 1. Pre-elaboration and conservation of culinary products:

         - Procurement, reception, storage and conservation of goods.

         - Basic preelaborations. Supplies, tools and work equipment necessary to execute the pre-preparation. Maintenance of the same.

         - Perform the procurement of gender for basic elaborations.

  • Unit 2. Prepare and present simple culinary elaborations.

         - Apply the basic cooking techniques to obtain elementary culinary elaborations.

         - Classification of basic elaborations.

         - Identification of the needs of basic elaborations to cover a simple gastronomic offer.

         - Estimation of the calculation of raw materials necessary to make simple basic elaborations, differentiating between

           those that are perishable and those that are not.

         - Kitchen utensils and tools necessary for basic elaborations.

         - Preparation of orders.

  • Unit 3. Food hygiene and food handling.
  • Unit 4. Experimental Teams of Employment and Integration.

         - Work on transversal skills for employment.

         - Work on emotional and selfknowledge skills.

         - Work on jobseeking skills.

  • Unit 5. Collaborations of companies in the sector.

         - Talks Workshops.

         - Participation in professional forums.

         - Contribution of business challenges: resolution of a business challenge through the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired.

         - No labour practices.


Access profile

         - No official degree or examination in specific professional competence are required.

         - Fluent Spanish language skills.

         - Schedule availability.

Business Challenge Lab